8 MADELEINE is a French brand, founded by Marie Antoinette Giganti, whose ethos is based on the creation of CHIC & ICONIC garments in an ETHICAL manner. She is driven by the responsibilities towards dressmakers in her atelier de couture and also for her clients. 8 Madeleine is the result of collaborations and friendships. All the memories from four seasons inspire her, and the brand is inspired by the bold and casual chic Parisienne to which 8 MADELEINE is committed to creating timeless styles and unconstrained pieces.


Designed in France and made in Italy, with special Italian silks and wool, in an artisanal way 8 MADELEINE is the fusion of culture of two fashion industry pillars. 

8 MADELEINE believes in sustainability and ethical work. Adept to Slow Fashion, 8 Madeleine conceives garments in a timeless style that lasts.

Each year there are two seasonal collections from the brand, and a year around "SOLEIL" collection that expresses a lifestyle and vibe of an eternal holiday. 


2019 FW collections contain versatile and floating dresses, trousers, and jackets that never absent femininity. It uses natural materials and embody modernity and worldly women. It is inspired by the Caribbean Islands and the winter sun of a seaside town, as well as far away islands.

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