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Created by Ece Nayman, ACE NAYMAN is the true embodiment of a lifestyle that blends youth culture, sophistication and comfort. Applying the knowledge she gained from earning her BA from London College of Fashion in Womenswear Design and her multicultural upbringing in Istanbul, Ece functions as not only the designer behind ACE NAYMAN, but also the creative director. She has created ACE NAYMAN for women who don't shy away from standing out and making a statement, as evident from the brand's bold and colorful designs.
ACE NAYMAN is defined by abstraction, a bold color palette, and a commitment to both comfort and quality. Ece's vision combines the fun of street style with the product quality of high street, which are woven together in the oversize silhouettes that define the brand. An ode to the modern women who can have the best of both worlds, Ece calls her designs; “day time party wear” for the ladies who are the life of the party, always on the go, and living their best lives!

Inspired by the works of artists like Martin Creed, Phillip K Smith III and Yiğit Yazıcı, the first collection of Ace Nayman is here to brighten up streetwear with colorful and unique patterns that blend playful style with high-end quality. The designer has chosen to focus mainly on sweatshirts for her first collection, which are a staple of the brand. The collection also features windbreakers which sport the signature bold patterns of Ace Nayman, as well as t-shirts, both oversize and fitted, with transfer prints and embroidery.



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