BEVINI MODENA was established in 2004, in Modena, Italy. The city famous for its ancient and colorful historic center, reminds the visitor of its elegant past, whilst inspires today's trends. Bevini Modena believes in the combination of a contemporary selection of the most refined leathers, textiles and accessories with its own pool of designers and artisanal manufacturing traditions that results in a truly unique and high-quality product.


BEVINI MODENA’s highly inventive modern and exclusive approach to high fashion has allowed the brand to establish itself in the fashion industry and win the hearts of its customers and consumers. Its success is reflected by the brand's high-end distribution around the world, which includes some of the best concept stores and department stores around the world, such as Tomorrowland and United Arrows in Japan and Marmi in the USA. Furthermore, the brand has a showroom presence in Japan and in the USA.


BEVINI MODENA’s handbags preserve Italian traditions and introduce a new concept of modern luxury, the bags by BEVINI MODENA remain timeless.

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