The brand was established in the early spring of 2016 in Oslo, Norway, by Malin Molden. A brand devoted to tell her story of a universe created to become your second skin. The ambition to run Flesh is in reference to the local butcher. "In a world of fashion and mass-production, we aim to provide quality items in a small production. One piece of steak is solely yours, and cannot be duplicated or made exactly the same for another customer.


We are fond of the one-of-a-kind principle. Our vision is to broaden up the eyes and the mind of a general consumer, to change people's association with gender, age, and social standing. Our deepest desire is to make innovative and humorous kitsch clothes, no matter the gender. It’s an open door into a world of an even more expressive and inclusive future, and that’s a language that truly speaks to the team behind Flesh. Our design vision is to “push'n’pull“ between femininity and masculinity. In a time of mass-production and uniformity, we want the consumer to ask “who made your clothes“ - we DID! 

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