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is a premium Russian clothing, footwear, and accessories brand, founded in 2020 by the designer Yulia Skryabina. Before creating the brand, Yulia owned a premium atelier for 7 years. The style of the brand is casual chic, comfortable, but at the same time very stylish and feminine.  Juli Too creates not only clothes but also shoes, bags, and accessories. Juli Too is carried by the best of retailers such as Tsum Moscow.

Yulia was inspired by Love in creating her latest collection. She wants to speak about self-love, courage when one has to challenge one self to reach ones dreams. Beauty, perfect taste, intelligenc, sensuality exist in every woman and it is important to see it in one's self and feel it.

The heroine of the new collection goes on her own way, not being afraid to choose the best for herself. Her catchy and sophisticated looks consist of feminin looks, made of noble materials, such as silk, leather and cashmere. Juli Too's creations are artisanal, made by hand. 

Juli Too bags are made in Italy, by masters of leather work.


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