The KLEED brand was founded by Carolina Guedes Cruz, a dynamic entrepreneur with two ruling passions in her life: fashion and wildlife conservation.


Carolina inherited both these passions from her family, who set the standards for all she does today. “Africa speaks to me in the most elemental way – I live in a state of heightened consciousness, of permanent wonder. Walking barefoot in the rust-red earth; losing myself under the star-filled indigo sky. Best of all, Africa fires my creativity in terms of prints, patterns, colours and textures”.


And so KLEED - the Afrikaans for “robe” - was born. Embracing today’s laid-back-chic lifestyle, KLEED’s pieces are swish, casual and quirky, taking sophisticated women effortlessly from a day at the beach to an evening party with friends.


Carolina´s Africa is ever-present: from partnering with local NGOs to protect the White Rhino; creating wildlife prints in rich Savannah hues; embroidering an African animal on every article; and the colourful Maasai beads on every clothing label.


Since then, Carolina’s travels have taken her to India, which has become source of inspiration, in printing techniques and in themes for KLEED’s collections and conservation projects. By working with the local communities that produce KLEED´s collections, as well as partnering with renowned Indian artists, sustainability has taken on a new dimension.


For Carolina – whose professional experience includes working with renowned luxury brands such as Gucci and Alfred Dunhill - Fashion is an art form that draws inspiration from different cultures, yet its language is universal, and its messages resoundingly clear.

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