The “Maneesha Ruia” collection epitomizes everyday luxury. The brand’s scarves, wraps and ponchos are contemporary, fashionable and elegant, a perfect companion for women of all ages. Maneesha Ruia products are made from the finest Cashmere, Merino Wool, Silk, Modal, Linen and Suede styled with its signature Lace, Swarovski, Embroideries and Frills whilst using centuries-old artisanal craftsmanship. Partnering with women on their ever evolving journey, the brand strives to wrap wanderlusters with casual elegance.


the founding designer, has always been very creative and entrepreneurial. Her several successful ventures over the past couple of decades speak for themselves. Her knowledge of design strengthened by her sense of style and passion to create, finally led her to launch her own brand “Maneesha Ruia” in 2013.

An avid traveller, Maneesha gets her inspiration from nature, people and their cultures. Design being an intrinsic part of her persona, her collections are a reflection of a life lived globally.

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