Since its origin in 2003, the house of Margareth&Moi has set itself apart from others through a true stylistic identity. The couture codes of the Paris designer label are ever-present and apply to each model, whether produced in the small edition or as a unique piece. Art embroidered pieces were a part of the Margareth&Moi stylistic grammar, with each clothing item 'jewel-like' to be made one’s own. The collection illustrates an exceptional know-how and the technical requirements dear to the two designers and acquired in the studios of Paris Haute Couture.


Eager as usual to propose sophisticated yet uncomplicated lines, so as to make women elegant, Gildas and Victoria have been asserting their philosophy throughout their collections. Each of the sublime models they design enters into a wardrobe of must-have pieces which are a part of every woman’s life. There is no search for functionality at Margareth&Moi’s house. The primary function of the clothes crafted in hand-picked workshops is to impart a timeless look and chic and to provide a renewed pleasure for the women wearing them.

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