Each design by Utmon es pour Paris is an homage to Parisian women and their incomparable flair – combined with the precision and durability of German craftsmanship. Erzsébet I. Wagner, the founder, still chooses each leather herself; manufacture takes place exclusively in Germany in a traditional factory that is

among the best in the country. In addition to the highest quality, Utmon es pour Paris places particular value on sustainability. For founder social commitment is also one of the brand’s fundamental values.

The ‘finishing touch’ has a very French twist: rather than tanned leather, all products are scented with a perfume put together especially for Utmon es pour Paris. Wagner commissioned a Parisian perfumer, who created a fragrance for strong, exceptional women, which includes bergamot, lily of the valley, leather and vanilla – Utvoir No. 1. Each Switchbag therefore exudes not only French flair, but also the scent of Paris.

All bags are elaborately handcrafted from high-quality cow, lamb nappa or crocodile leather both to meet the highest standards and also to keep them looking good for a long time in spite of daily ‘switching’. Alongside classic colors such as black or brown, countless other color variants are available. The interior of the Switchbag is finished to an equally high standard and is also perfectly organised: small loops and pockets ensure that nothing slips out of place and that everything is instantly at hand – meaning no more rifling through the depths of another bag to look for something.


The design and the idea also won over the jury at the ‘German Design Award’: in 2019, the Switchbag took home an award in the ‘luxury goods’ category.