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MACIEL MOSCOVA is streetwear clothing brand based in Milan founded in 2019 by the creative urge of Marco Presotto, its creator. 

Born in Pordenone in 1996, Marco Presotto has demonstrated his creative and raffinate aesthetic sense since his childhood. Inserted in the world of design thanks to his family background, he decided to keep developing his talent and abilities in the artistic field at the European Institute of Design in Milan.

Maciel Moscova is based on the power of cooperation and complementarity between Marco Presotto, Jenny Presotto, and Antonio Moriconi and aims to enhance the synergy between art and innovation. 

Innovative design, style, elegance and exclusivity are the hallmarks that distinguish the brand, creating a project that combines the Italian tradition with the contemporary taste of international streetwear.

It wants to be the spokesperson for an idea of new luxury, close to everyday life, that responds to the need to wear items with a refined design and an international flavour. 

Freedom of expression, acceptance of oneself and of what is different, inclusion and fluidity of gender are the core values of the brand.

Maciel Moscova, giving voice, space and opportunity to those who need to convey a strong message.




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